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Newmains on Wheels
11AM -1PM Sundays @ the NCT

Newmains on wheels is a community group to encourage socialising, fitness and gentle jaunts on your bike.

Meeting at the Newmains Community Trust and setting off from the carpark we go a ride around Perchy every week.

If you need a bike or equipment get in touch and we'll help get you sorted and as the summer approaches Newmains on Wheels will look to do more cycle focused activity so i'll need volunteers.

You can join our Whatsapp group for regular updates and latest news:

You'll need to be a competent cyclist to join the gentle park ride. You are responsible for your own safety during the ride and anyone under 16 will be expected to be accompanied by an adult.

Helmets are advised. If you're not comfortable on the road section between A, the starting point at the NCT, and B, Perch Pond, on the map below it's not a far walk down the pavement to Perchy. This section of road can be busy so always use your judgement and caution. 

Any questions or queries get in touch.

Proposed route.PNG
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