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Recycled Plastic

Doing ma bit

Connor has a thing for recycling, up-cycling, living green and using sustainable brands. That's why we choose how and who we do business with very carefully.

You can get your bike serviced knowing that metal and rubber waste are all recycled none of which we send to landfill. With any tyres purchased or changed at Cairney Cycles, recycling is included in the cost.

Working with Velorim we never send tyres to landfill, they are recycled into multipurpose materials for playgrounds, equestrian fields and much more.

Don't throw bicycle tyres away in Lanarkshire, get in touch and we can dispose of them for a small administration charge. 

Using the best brands

I only use Muc-Off brand products for servicing cycles at the workshop this is both the best quality in the field as well as environmentally friendly. Containing no harmful PTFE chemicals that can work their way into our water supply.

If you live in Lanarkshire you should join the green revolution and purchase Muc-Off cleaning products direct from us, they're typically cheaper than your highstreets store prices, delivered to your door!

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